Christmas Appeal from Noel Fitzpatrick

At Christmas time we think about love, kindness, peace, hope and family.

For me that family has always included our animal friends.  When we set out to make The Supervet, I wanted to make a story about unconditional love. I wanted to bottle that love and spray it around the world.  All I really want in a world ever more divorced from what really matters is for us to pause for one moment and consider how much better it could be if we all looked after each other – if we built a community of compassion – if for one day in the entire year we treated every human and every animal as a neighbour we loved – wouldn’t that be a wonderful day?

On The Supervet you see my team and I trying to give animals and their families all of the options all of the time to ease their pain and cure their disease. Sadly, at present I can put implants in animals to save their limbs or lives that humans cannot have themselves. Right now humans are having implants and drugs that are mandatorily developed in experimental animal models who are sacrificed for our sole benefit. What I would like to see is a fairer system where we reduce, refine and replace experimental animal models by fostering reciprocity of research in animals and humans affected by the same diseases at the coalface of clinical practice, saving and improving lives by working together.

Cancer and infection don’t care if you are a dog or a human – these diseases kill man and animal every day across the world. Would it not make sense to study these diseases in animals and humans at the same time?

One Medicine for humans and animals.

This is the principle to which I dedicate my entire professional life and why I founded the charity The Humanimal Trust. Every time I go on television, every time I attend a media appearance and every time I operate at Fitzpatrick Referrals, my efforts support The Humanimal Trust – when I’m gone, my efforts are bequeathed to this charity.

I intend to do everything in my power to raise awareness that animals deserve a fair deal and to fund research that helps both animals and humans at the same time through The Humanimal Trust. I’m asking you to stand by my side on this journey. Based on what we choose to do right now, the future of our world, for humans and animals, could be changed for the better, forever.

The donations you make are directly turning our voice into a currency for constructive change. With your help, we have made significant progress in 2016. We have continued to drive public awareness through events such as ONE LIVE – the very first music festival for ‘One Medicine’ that will continue to grow in 2017 and beyond. Additionally, we have driven collaboration of professionals by taking to the stage at a variety of lectures, events and meetings of open-minded human and animal medical practitioners, to share our vision for medicine helping all species, driving respect and fairness in society. We have also had a voice in the professional press and at the House of Commons, influencing policy and decision makers.

Our greatest achievement this year was to put in place the building blocks of the future through sponsoring research PhD’s with two extraordinary individuals who will study cancer and antibiotic resistance. This research has direct clinical relevance to both humans and animals and it is just the beginning; laying the foundations for a new era of compassionate medicine.

People often bestow gifts to say thank you for doing the best we can to help the animals. The greatest gift we could ask you to share with us this Christmas is the gift of hope – by donating to The Humanimal Trust. A donation today will help us to cure disease right now and make a better world for the children and animals of tomorrow.

This Christmas please make a real difference by donating a gift of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to The Humanimal Trust.

Just text the amount you want to donate with the code THAT12 to 70070

 Alternatively you can visit The Humanimal Trust Donation Page 

This Christmas, it is time to give back to the animals who give us so much each and everyday, and to look after all of our neighbours, man and animal.

Thank you so much for your belief and support. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Noel x




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