February 2016 – Note from Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

Thank you all so much for watching another series of The Supervet. It means so much to myself and the team that you tune in, come into our world, and share our love for animals and our desire to do good for them, as integral members of our families. The show is now taking a short break but will be back in a few weeks’ time… we will keep you posted.

In the meantime, we are still going at Fitzpatrick Referrals, working around the clock. What you see on the show is just a glimpse into what we see every day, with people’s hearts and souls laid bare as they trust us to help them with their animal friend when they most need hope and when they most need to know that they are doing the right thing, no matter what the outcome is.

We are also working towards a truly remarkable charity event in June – The ONE LIVE Music Festival, where we will stand together to celebrate our bond with animals and spread the message that we can cure disease in animals and humans side-by-side. This is my life’s purpose, and I hope you might join me. Let’s turn this whisper into a battle cry to fund research for medical advance which will help both animals and humans.

Check it out at the website:

It is my honour to communicate with you through the screen into your home and your heart and I hope that The Supervet has meant as much to you watching as it has to us living through these journeys with our amazing animal friends and the families who love them.

Till next time…

Noel x

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