Why animals matter – Message from Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

Hello all

Thanks for watching The Supervet tonight. My team and I really appreciate it. The Supervet exists for one thing  and for one thing only and that’s to remind all of us that the animals in our lives show us why we are human at all, why we care and why we love. I was in theatre tonight trying to fix another dog and I’m sad to say that as yet I don’t know if I have succeeded. I wish I could save all of the animals all of the time. Sadly I can’t. I tried with Spud, the beautiful Labrador in the show tonight. But here’s the thing. We gotta get back up and try again. Love has to triumph. Failure is not an option.

The animals we love make us the best we can be, they allow us to feel unconditional love, and no matter how painful it is, no matter how difficult it is, that’s why Spud and all the other dogs in the world matter, that’s why all the animals in the world matter and that’s why we must do our best to look after them. We are only a small part of all that we can ever be. If we loved more, like Spud and Chris loved each other – there would be no vacuum in the hearts and minds of people that cause the sadness we see in the world this past week and every day when we turn on the news. Spud and Chris gave us their hearts tonight and we gave them ours, and for a moment in time, the world was a good place to be. That’s why myself and the team exist, we exist to hold your hand or your paw and tell you it’ll be ok – no matter how dark things seem, it’ll be OK — and we’ll always do the right thing – we’ll do the right thing together, because the animals and everyone who is capable of love expects us to.

Thank you for caring and thank you for loving.

Noel x

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