Arlo, Drummer & Sooty

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26th October 2017

Series 10



This week at Fitzpatrick Referrals one of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s Senior Neurologists, Jeremy, is faced with an extremely challenging case.  Arl7-month-old old Chihuahua was born with hydrocephalus, a neurological disorder where excessive fluid accumulates on the brain resulting in a bulging head. If left untreated Arlo will not survive the condition.  Arlo lives with Gosia, her husband and six other Chihuahuas.  She will do anything to save her ‘baby’…

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An 11-year-old golden Labrador comes to see Noel with severe elbow arthritis and back pain. He is more than just a pet to Susie. Her husband Mike had a brain tumour 12 years ago and lost his short-term memory so Drummer acts as an unofficial assistance dog giving him companionship and comfort.  Susie is hoping for total elbow replacements but because of his age Noel advises it may not be morally right to perform this advanced surgery on such an old dog. Instead, Noel suggests harvesting tissue from Drummer and using stem cells to help reduce the inflammation and pain in his elbows. Noel advises that the treatment could improve the quality of Drummer’s life, but stresses it is not a cure ….

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Graham travels all the way from northern France to bring sootyan 8-year-old black Labrador cross with elbow dysplasia to see Noel. His French vet suggested amputation, but Graham hopes Noel will be able to save Sooty’s leg…

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