Baloo, Lola & Piper

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2nd November 2017

Series 10



A very large Great Dane makes a big entrance to the practice when he comes in for major spinal surgery. Baloo is suffering from Wobbler Syndrome,  a condition that often affects this breed.  He is coming in for an operation to relieve the pressure on his spinal cord, but at 85kg, he’ll be one of the biggest dogs that Professor Noel Fitzpatrick has ever performed this surgery on…

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A golden Labrador comes into the practice unable to walk on her right hind leg.  She has been suffering from an injury for years after her sister, a chocolate Labrador, accidentally trod on her when she was a puppy. Lola’s already had three previous surgeries to try to fix the problem, so Noel is Julie and Alan’s last hope.  Lola’s scans are every bit as bad as Noel suspects with the surface of Lola’s femur and tibia are both dramatically collapsed.

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Piper is the Mann family’s third child, but over the last 8 months, he’s had terrible pain in his right elbow.  Diagnosed initially with osteoarthritis, he has been referred to Noel for an elbow replacement.  But when Noel meets Piper, he is concerned by the extreme pain he is in, which isn’t typical for common arthritis.  He warns the family this could be much worse, and could even be cancer.

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