Storm, Mauser & Milo

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8th November 2017

Series 10



At the end of a busy day, Milo, a beautiful two-year-old Bengal cat, is rushed into Fitzpatrick Referrals by Sharada and Philip after being hit by a car.  Milo’s life hangs by a thread, and when Professor Noel Fitzpatrick examines the x-ray pictures they reveal that Milo has broken his back and dislocated his spine. The nerve damage could leave Milo paralysed and incontinent. Sharada and Philip have to make a difficult decision; to try and repair the fracture in the knowledge that the operation may not be successful, or say goodbye to their much-loved cat.

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Jen brings in Storm, a large 2-year old German Shepherd, for a total elbow replacement with Noel. Storm has suffered his whole life with severe developmental arthritis affecting his right elbow. Jen has been plagued with ill health too, since she had an aneurysm 11 years ago, and her dogs, especially Storm, are hugely important to her.

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Monica and Bennet turn to Noel for help to treat their Rottweiler puppy Mauser. 6 month-old Mauser has a genetic condition, common in fast-growing large breeds, called OCD – Osteochondritis Dissecans – which has destroyed the cartilage on the ridge of his main ankle bone, the talus. Monica and Bennet want to avoid fusing Mauser’s ankle solid and to maintain the mobility in his ankle.

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