Series 10 – Episode 1: Lulu, Florence & Muffin

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21st September 2017

Series 10




A new run of Channel 4’s highly popular series The Supervet kicks off this week with a dramatic emergency when two-year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lulu is rushed into Fitzpatrick Referrals late at night after being hit by a car travelling at 40mph.  The huge impact has shattered her pelvis into over 25 pieces.  Her devastated family, including twelve-year old Jack must decide whether to proceed with surgery.  Professor Noel Fitzpatrick warns the family that the extent of the damage means he won’t be able to fully reconstruct Lulu’s exploded joint. Instead his only option is to pin the larger pieces back together and maneuver the tiny fragments into place using only touch; an operation that will require all of Noel’s expertise.  However, even with surgery to correct the fractures, the damaged nerves mean Lulu may be unable to pee for some time, and possibly never again…

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Lucky Giant Schnauzer Florence lives a relaxing life half the year in sunny Portugal.  She’s a dog that likes to be in charge and has her family well and truly under the thumb.  Unfortunately, due to an accident a few years ago, Florence has a painful knee which has not improved, despite a number of treatments in Portugal.  Florence’s family is now worried she is in a lot of pain and has lost her tail wag.  Noel offers Florence a life-line and the family fly to England for a total knee replacement.  But the surgery is anything but straightforward…

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Muffin a pointy-eared Jack Russell is the apple of her family’s eye.  She arrives at Fitzpatrick’s after her family fears she has fallen from their six foot verandah. Unable to move her back legs, neurologist Clare Rusbridge is concerned she has suffered a serious spinal injury.  After examination it’s clear she needs emergency surgery, but Clare suspects a fall is not the cause of Muffin’s paralysis and there’s a risk that even with after surgery Muffin may not walk again…

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