About the show

The Supervet is a TV show which started in 2014 on Channel 4 in the UK and has run for 16 series.

The hour-long programme follows the passionate orthopaedic neurosurgeon Professor Noel Fitzpatrick as he leads a team of over 250 vets, nurses, and physiotherapists to provide hope, often against all the odds, for animals who are inseparable members of the families that come to see him.

Fitzpatrick Referrals is often the last-chance saloon for Britain’s most sick and injured pets. As one of the biggest and most advanced independent veterinary hospitals in the world, Fitzpatrick Referrals takes on more than two hundred new cases every month, from limb salvage for dogs to hip replacements for cats. It also has a state-of-the-art animal cancer hospital bringing together world-class oncology and soft tissue specialists, to provide hope and modern cancer care for much-loved family members.

Every story charts the deeply relevant journey of unconditional love between a family and their animal friend and the twists of fate of their darkest and brightest hours.

Taking life-saving treatments and heartfelt compassion to a whole new level, these programmes feature some of the most complex veterinary challenges ever seen, with some techniques and implants not available anywhere else in the world. The Supervet captures the raw emotion, drama and joyfulness of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his staff as they find extraordinary and innovative solutions to save life and limb, bringing hope and peace to the families who in many cases had been told their pets were beyond saving.