Cat lover Claire has opened her doors to the stray cats of Belfast for many years and turned her home into a shelter for unwanted cats. She currently has 6 living with her and she adores them all, they are her family.

Buggy with Claire on The Supervet

Her most recent adoptee, a ginger kitten called Buggy, demands more than her love and affection. Claire noticed that as he grew Buggy didn’t walk right, and her vet told her upon investigation that the joints in his back legs were deformed. Having been to England and Professor Noel Fitzpatrick before and knew of his expertise, Claire would do whatever it took to get him fixed – even if it involved a 2000 mile round trip to take him to Surrey!

Noel looked at the x-rays with Claire and confirmed that Buggy would need surgery to correct the deformed joints in his ankles and knees. When Noel came to take a look at Buggy, it was clear this was a cat who did not want to cooperate! Buggy was a feisty fellow who made it known what his limits were when it came to handling..!

Extreme Care notice


Once anesthetized, Noel operated on Buggy the same day, and started with stabilising the ankle joints using pins. He then turned to the knee caps which needed reshaping.

Once the surgery was over, Buggy could begin his recovery. Despite many kind words and offers of cuddles Buggy stood his ground and showed us what a feisty character he was. When the team were content that Buggy was on the right road to recovery, it was suggested that Claire take Buggy home so he could heal in the surroundings that made him happy.

BUGGY on Supervet in Episode 2 Series 4

A few weeks later Buggy had the frame supporting his pinned ankles removed and he is now as he was before… Though he likes vets a little less!

It is always remarkable to witness first-hand the bond between animals and their family, that bond of love took Claire from Belfast to Surrey with her little friend who (despite not being all that grateful!) benefited from a life changing surgery that would allow him to be happy and healthy, and that is the reason Fitzpatrick Referrals exists!

Fitzpatrick Referrals

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