When Amanda and Shaun brought into their family South African Mastiff Puppy Dupe, it only took a few days for them to fall totally in love with him. After the passing of their previous beloved dogs, Dupe brought back to their family the joy and happiness that only animal companions can bring.

Unfortunately, Dupe developed problems walking when he was just 5 months old and one day suddenly went very lame. At such a young age it was apparent something was very wrong.

Dupe was referred to see Noel, who diagnosed a genetic condition where the bone growth on the spine was causing the spinal cord to be squished, making the brain and back legs not speak to one another properly.

In order to relieve his evident discomfort, Noel had to go into surgery with Dupe to separate the two squashed vertebrae. Without this surgery, Dupe’s spinal cord would eventually shut down, so surgery is his only hope.

Amanda and Shaun were keen for Noel to do the surgery, to enable their beautiful young puppy that had already given them so much to have the chance at a full quality of life, and grow up big and strong as he ought to.

Though a challenging surgery, thanks to Noel and the team the bone was successfully removed and Dupe is now recovering at home with his family by his side. He still regularly comes to the practice for rehabilitation with the hydrotherapy team, and enjoys trying out Fitzpatrick Referrals brand new under water treadmill!

It was a very special treat for Noel to see Dupe from the puppy he was, in a bad way in need of urgent help – to the grown up running around big softie he now is! We were so pleased to welcome him to DogFest and award him his Supervet Hero Award.


Dupe and Noel at DogFest

Dupe and Noel at DogFest