Lara was brought in by eight year old Ellis and his family. Lara had gone missing 12 days before, having jumped into a removal van, she escaped only to be hit by a car and then attacked by a fox.  When Lara arrived at the clinic it was clear she had serious issues with one of her back legs with an obvious fracture. Noel rushed the beautiful little cat into the clinic for assessment and once the x-ray pictures appeared on the screen it was clear she had a serious fracture of her femur (thigh bone).

Lara's fractured thigh bone.

Lara’s fractured thigh bone.

Her femur was in multiple pieces and without surgery to realign and stabilise the fracture her leg would have to be amputated. Noel had to perform tricky reconstructive surgery to rebuild Lara’s shattered leg. Noel inserted a long plate and screws inside Lara’s leg to realign the fracture and hold it in place while it healed.

Ellis with his best friend Lara at home

Ellis with his best friend Lara at home

Lara spent 6 weeks recovering at home, nursed back to health by her best friend Ellis.