Supervet returns for a new series on Channel 4

Channel 4 returns to veterinary hospital, Fitzpatrick Referrals, for another extraordinary series of the highly acclaimed The Supervet, which follows renowned surgeon and ‘Bionic Vet’, Noel Fitzpatrick, and his team of over 130 surgeons, nurses, ward attendants, hydro-therapists and physiotherapists as they help some of the nation’s hardest-to-cure pets through innovative treatment and operations.

Noel is no ordinary vet. At his state-of-the-art practice in Surrey he is pioneering new surgical techniques, from bionic legs to endo-skeletons, which allow dogs with broken backs to walk again and cats who have been run over to thrive once more. At the heart of everything Noel does is the desire to maintain the bond of love between human and animal.

In this new series we will experience more highs and lows as his team do everything they can to save our pets, whilst along the way devising and inventing more jaw dropping procedures and surgeries. Over the six episodes we see Noel performing the world’s smallest total hip replacement; defying the odds to recreate an abused puppy’s spine; creating a bespoke bionic leg; undertaking an operation only a handful of surgeons in the world would dare to attempt to save a deerhound’s broken neck, and much more beyond this.

Fixed rig cameras in Fitzpatrick Referral’s waiting room and behind the scenes in the practice capture the raw emotion, the drama, and the playfulness of Noel and his staff as they treat the pets in their care. Added to this are amazing scenes from the operating theatre and powerful interviews that candidly reveal the sentiment, pathos and humour of these stories.

The Supervet continues to tell the stories that explore how much our animals mean to us.