Noel meets the winners of first childrens Supervet drawing competition

On Wednesday April 1st, the home of Channel 4’s SUPERVET, Fitzpatrick Referrals, opened up its doors to six children and their guardians for the  prize giving of  an inaugural children’s drawing competition hosted by the unique veterinary referral practice based in Eashing.

The competition asked young people aged 6 – 14 to show how much they love and care for animals through their artwork. Managing Director of Fitzpatrick Referrals and SUPERVET Noel Fitzpatrick judged the winners himself, and was incredibly moved by the dedication and commitment communicated through their works of art. As a prize, he offered them a rare behind the scenes experience at the remarkable practice. Some of the lucky entrants had travelled from as far as Aberdeen and Cornwall to take part in the special event.

Among the group of winners was a special guest, 12 year old Lola Cotter, who sent Noel a drawing that was so fantastic it was the inspiration behind the competition.

Lola Cotter with Noel Fitzpatrick at the event at Fitzpatrick Referrals

Lola Cotter with Noel Fitzpatrick at the event at Fitzpatrick Referrals ©Richard Dunwoody


For me this was far more than a drawing competition. It was a rare and incredibly precious glimpse into the hearts and minds of young people that are the foundation of a new generation, which is ever more aware of our moral responsibility for animals everywhere.

For both companion animals and for wild animals in the UK and elsewhere, children generally feel a much greater level of thought-engagement than adults because they realise, before society drains it from us, that we only have one planet, that we only have one life, that we are in fact animals ourselves – and that the bond of unconditional love we have with our pets represents the very best of human nature.

They are absolutely aware of how we must look after the animals of the world because otherwise the planet and our personal existence is threatened – not just emotionally, but physically too.

All of this is translated in a single moment of love between a child and the animals in these pictures – and today six little glowing beacons of hope shone brightly at Fitzpatrick Referrals and I was so incredibly proud to share that light with them.

Noel Fitzpatrick


Lola Cotter's drawing that inspired the Supervet Drawing Competition

Lola Cotter’s drawing that inspired the Supervet Drawing Competition