Supervet Professor Noel Fitzpatrick launches Animal People podcast

Animal People is the first podcast from Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, the Supervet, and is sponsored by the UK’s number one pet insurer PetPlan.

In each of the six stand-alone episodes, Noel has a relaxed, free flowing conversation with a special guest, celebrating the love and joy of the animal/human bond and discussing how animals have influenced their lives.

 For many years in my consulting room I have observed that the real essence of people’s lives becomes apparent when talking about their animal friend so, I was intrigued to explore the lives of people I admire through the prism of the animals they have loved.

I wanted ‘Animal People’ to illustrate that no matter who you are, where you came from or what you believe, a love of animals is a powerful force for bringing people together and the one thing I have witnessed throughout my career and from making this podcast, is that animal people really are the best kinds of people.

In Series one, Noel meets an eclectic mix of famous animal lovers, from musicians, to magicians, presenters, West End stars and beyond. In the show’s first episode, he sits down with founding member of Queen and legendary guitarist, songwriter, producer, performer and astrophysicist Brian May, to discuss his work with his organisation SaveMe to safeguard wildlife in the UK, and both his and Freddie Mercury’s love of cats.

Guests for Series one include Sharleen Spiteri, Fearne Cotton, Dynamo, Martin & Shirlie Kemp and Michael Ball.

Animal People Series one will be released weekly from 23rd March 2020 for six weeks, on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and all main podcast platforms.