Otis, a beautiful Lurcher, was found in the snow earlier last year, collapsed and heavily bleeding. Luckily a Good Samaritan found him and rushed him to the vets where he was treated for hypothermia and given emergency first aid treatment. After initial stabilisation, it soon became obvious that Otis had been cruelly peppered with lead pellets resulting in a collapsed lung and a badly broken leg. The team at the charities local vets did a tremendous job stabilising Otis and after he was safe to travel he made the journey to the clinic here in Surrey to see could anything be done to salvage his broken leg.

Otis underwent surgery to remove the lead pellet from his broken leg, the bones were realigned and then held in place using an external skeletal fixator. Otis’s fracture took longer than normal to heal but in the end his broken tibia healed but not before having to undergo a further surgery to strengthen his healing bone.

Otis & Vito out for a daily walk during his recovery.

Otis & Vito out for a daily walk during his recovery.

He has been fostered by a devoted family who are working on healing the scars, both physically and mental, that a dog endures after suffering such cruelty. Otis has been through a lot in his short life and we hope he goes on to live a long and happy life – a good dog deserves a good home and Otis is without doubt a good dog! Visit the Northern Greyhound Rescue Facebook site and website for more information about the work they do: