Bite-size bijou Dogue de Bordeaux puppy Angel is only nine months old but is suffering from a genetic problem prevalent among short-nosed breeds: the radius and ulna bones in her two front legs are not growing at the same rate, and so are bowing outwards.

The Problem

The ulna stops growing prematurely and acts as a ’bow-string’, tethering the radius which bows as it continues to grow. Kirsty and her partner Ian bring Angel to Fitzpatricks to see whether surgery could be carried out to address the deformity, prevent further pain and give Angel back the quality of life she deserves.


Noel proposes the removal of a small segment of the ulna on both sides to relieve the bowstring effect, and the insertion of a wire bridge between screws across the side of the radius growth plate that is growing the quickest. This halts growth on one side of the growth plate, whilst the other side continues to grow somewhat to help straighten the leg. But it will take weeks to establish whether or not Noel’s surgery has been successful.