In tonight’s episode we find out what happened to three-legged German Shepherd rescue Bran, who first came to Fitzpatricks in 2019, and whose early life was plagued by abuse resulting in the amputation of one of his hind legs after he was rescued.

The Problem

His remaining hind leg was badly affected by hip dysplasia, where the joint had completely dislocated.


Noel offers the solution of an innovative custom total hip replacement, the first of its kind for a three legged dog, but not every vet agrees that this should be an option and so Bran’s life hangs in the balance while Noel conducts an ethics review to satisfy those who may disagree with giving him this chance.


In this Rescue Special episode of The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick, we revisit Bran's original story featured in the Christmas 2019 special and catch up with his family to see how he's doing now.