In 2015 eighteen-month-old chihuahua Darcy was rushed to Fitzpatrick’s after being hit by a car resulting in a crushed pelvis, rendering her unable to walk. This brand-new, four-part series revisits some of the most dramatic and inspiring cases, catching up with the families and discovering what became of the animals at the heart of these extraordinary stories.

Their Story

Darcy is a vitally important member of her family; eighteen-year-old TaJourneé suffers from autism and tiny Darcy gives her a very special connection to the world. “Without her, I feel like an alien, it’s crazy without her.”

The Problem

X-ray pictures revealed that Darcy had multiple fractures which would require enormous dexterity from Noel, operating on such a tiny scale to realign all the minute bones in her pelvis. “It’s analogous to moving around pieces of glass with chopsticks.”


Using a combination of rods and pins, Noel must reconstruct multiple broken bones in Darcy’s pelvis, holding them in place with an external metal frame…


Fast forward to now, and Darcy is still at the heart of the Wilson family, with a bling-tastic range of outfits to complement her fully healed pelvis.