Domino & Diamond

Domino & Diamond

It’s Christmas time at Fitzpatrick Referrals, where Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team endeavour to get all patients well and home in time for the festivities. And this year there are some familiar faces hoping that Noel can perform wonders for their much-loved animal family members.

Pop superstar and ardent dog lover Will Young recently rescued two dogs from America who had been facing euthanasia. Domino (4), a half Bullmastiff, half Dalmatian and Diamond (3), a Pitbull Labrador cross.

Their Story

All three travel to Fitzpatricks as Domino has been suffering with a painful limp, which Will was told could be a foot injury. After examination however, Noel suspects Domino has ruptured one of the cruciate ligaments in his knee, which x-ray imaging confirms.

While in Domino’s consultation, Noel is concerned to hear that Diamond, is also affected by lameness and on examination is worried that her symptoms could indicate a problem with her elbows.

The Problem

Further imaging including a CT scan and x-ray pictures reveal that as Noel suspected Diamond is affected by developmental elbow disease and painful osteoarthritis in both her elbows. So it’s double trouble for Will - who now has not one but two dogs with significant joint problems.