Rob and Mark already know that their beloved seven-year-old chocolate Labrador, Inca, has a history of developmental elbow disease and osteoarthritis of her elbow joints which first began when she was six months old.

Their Story

By the age of two, she was in constant pain and almost unable to walk. Despite this, she has provided loving support for Rob who suffers from a neurological condition that means he too is sometimes rendered immobile due to pain.


Noel has performed surgery on Inca’s front legs before, but because of her rapidly deteriorating osteoarthritis and collapse of one of her elbow joints, the implants have worn out over time, and so now a more advanced option – a total elbow replacement, one of the most complex procedures that Noel performs – is under consideration. Noel has several years of experience with ‘off-the-shelf’ elbow replacements but due to their high failure rate, he has developed his own custom-made implant system - The ‘Fitz-Elbow’. He is currently the only surgeon in the world using this implant system.