Pets come from all over the world to Fitzpatricks, and this week Moogi a rescue black Labrador makes the long journey all the way from the Highlands of Scotland with his best friend sausage dog Toby. Moogi has had a difficult beginning, having been harshly treated in a previous life. Now severe elbow arthritis is causing him yet more pain. Can Noel help the young dog and finally give Moogi the second chance he deserves? Noel develops a brand new kind of elbow resurfacing implant system. “My plan is to put Celtic workmanship in!” he says.

Their Story

Moogi and Toby are rescue dogs who live with David and Alissia in the Highlands of Scotland.

The Problem

When the couple adopted Moogi 10 months ago, they noticed that he had a limp. Not knowing his full history, the couple feared that his injuries could be the result of mistreatment. Their local vet told them the issue was severe, and referred them to Fitzpatrick Referrals.
An arthroscopy of the elbow joint confirmed developmental elbow disease - showing severe humeral and ulna in-congruity (poor fit) resulting in severe bone on bone wear in the medial compartment of his elbow. With this information, Noel suggested a partial elbow replacement, called a custom medial compartment replacement to resurface the damaged medial compartment of his joint.


The family wanted to go ahead and trusted Noel to put in some Scottish workmanship to do the best job possible. In surgery Noel started by resurfacing the inside of Moogi’s elbow where the cartilage had worn away. The surface of the humerus had eroded, so to resurface it Noel used a metallic implant that has a trabecular metal backing into which bone should grow. Noel resurfaced the opposing side (the ulna) with a plastic implant creating a whole new surface for the joint to glide onto. Once this was all complete Moogi went through to the wards for recovery.

I just fell in love with him. I couldn’t say no


The family were delighted to have Moogi back when it was time to take him home, and over the next few weeks Moogi continued to make excellent progress and the family noticed the remarkable change in his behaviour. He was running and swimming like a young dog once more