Lulu & Maori

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1st September 2016


For the first time in the history of The Supervet, four brand new hour-long documentary specials go beyond the operating table to delve deeper into the science behind Noel’s cutting-edge procedures, revealing how he continually pushes the boundaries of veterinary medicine, with the help of special onscreen 3D graphics giving viewers a glimpse into the extraordinary ambition of Noel’s state of the art surgeries.

 Professor Noel Fitzpatrick has dedicated years of his life restoring dogs on the brink of paralysis to full movement. Designing his own patient specific implants for each animal, Noel is taking veterinary spinal surgery to a whole new level.


In tonight’s episode, Charlie carries his much loved Rottweiler cross Lulu into the practice after she loses the use of all four legs. Her spinal cord is being squashed due to deformity of bone and discs in her neck and her rapid deterioration has become a crisis. Noel wants to use a fusion implant designed from her own CT scans that will fit her spine perfectly, but navigating the nerves so close to the spinal cord makes it high risk surgery. Noel advises Charlie that things may not go according to plan…

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Andy and Maggs bring in their Doberman cross, Maori, with a badly bulging disc in her neck. She has been increasingly struggling to walk and is in considerable pain. The family have been advised to put Maori to sleep and have brought her to see Noel in the hope of an alternative solution. Noel recommends replacing the disc with a 3D custom designed mobile disc replacement, the Fitz-Disc, that he has been developing for several years, in an attempt to fully restore the movement in Maori’s neck and relieve the pressure on her nerves. After deciding to go ahead with this revolutionary technology, Andy and Maggs face an anxious wait for news…

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