Christmas Special 2016: Maxi, Keira & River

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20th December 2016



The Supervet team are gearing up for Christmas at Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s practice in Surrey.  Once again the kennels are full of patients who will spend the festive season at the hospital recovering from life-changing operations, but the dedicated staff are on hand to make it as merry as possible…


Charity worker Kerry brings in Maxi, a three-year old rescue greyhound with a severely damaged front legs.  Kerry runs a greyhound protection charity, and has rescued over 500 dogs.  Maxi was rescued from Cyprus with two broken front legs, and Kerry hopes Noel will be able to fix him so he can be rehomed in time for Christmas.  But the damage to both of Maxi’s elbows is so severe Noel can’t guarantee a successful outcome. Amputation of the severely painful left front leg isn’t an option because the right front leg is also badly deformed and arthritic.  He offers Kerry a poor outlook but with a lifeline of some surgical options. Maxi faces a long journey if he is ever to become part of a new family this Christmas.


River, a four-month-old Border Terrier puppy is admitted to the practice after falling off the sofa at home and fracturing both back legs.  Sarah and Dean already have their hands full with three young children, including oldest son, five-year-old Reuben who has cerebral palsy.  Noel operates on both of River’s back legs, but just as he is on the mend Sarah notices lameness on one of his front legs as well, and she has to make an agonizing decision of whether to put River through more surgery or not. If Noel doesn’t operate, River will be in permanent pain and will likely end up being put to sleep. As she is a puppy it is absolutely critical that he is operated on quickly, but Noel has recently undergone surgery on his own foot. He’s in a lot of pain and can’t stand, so he too has a difficult decision to make…


Noel discovers just how upsetting it is to be faced with a poorly pet when his own dog Keira is rushed into the practice with sickness and diarrhoea.  An emotional Noel has to contemplate the possibility that Keira has been poisoned as he waits for the results of x-ray and blood tests.

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