Series 10 – Episode 3: Buzz, Charlie & Pebbles

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5th October 2017

Series 10



In this week’s episode, a 5-year-old border collie called Buzz is referred to Fitzpatrick’s with a suspicious lump on his ankle. Buzz is Jo and Peter’s best friend; he keeps Peter, who has heart problems, healthy with walking and his companionship. Noel can see Buzz is in a lot of pain, but after doing a series of scans he discovers he has severe arthritis causing new bone growth. The outlook for saving the ankle isn’t good, so fusing the ankle solid is planned. However, Buzz’s recovery does not go to plan and proves extremely challenging, not just for this energetic Collie but for his family too…

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Cheeky Charlie, a 2-year old British short-haired cat arrives with Kate and Adam after jumping off the sofa and injuring his hip. Noel discovers the ball at the top of the thigh bone is fractured, causing him to limp. Although uncommon in cats, Kate and Adam need to decide whether a hip replacement may be the best option for Charlie after finding out that he has an added complication affecting his knee.

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Golden Labrador Pebbles is rushed into Fitzpatrick’s sister clinic, the Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue (FROST) centre in Guildford, after Karen notices a lump growing on her side. Pebbles has been behaving strangely and has now stopped eating.  FROST Vet Jonathan suspects it is an abscess, but on closer inspection, he soon discovers the culprit… Pebbles is now critical and it’s a race against time to operate.

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