Series 10 – Episode 4: Betty Boop, Maya & Kanzi

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12th October 2017

Series 10


Betty Boop

Anna brings in Betty Boop a tiny pug that lives with her sixteen brothers and sisters, a pack of rescued Chihuahuas. Betty Boop has lost control of her hind legs and is doubly incontinent. She’s had spinal surgery elsewhere and made a temporary recovery, but her symptoms have returned.  Facing the prospect of euthanasia, Anna’s brings her to Fitzpatrick’s, and is seen by Neurologist Colin Driver.  Colin hopes that a revised type of spinal surgery will give paralysed Betty Boop the chance of walking again…

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Steve brings in two-year-old Mastiff Maya to discuss her options for treatment with Noel.  Maya is the large dog Steve always wanted to join him and his family, and they are devastated when Maya is diagnosed with a bone tumour in her leg at such a young age. Noel suggests Maya may be a suitable candidate for his pioneering endoprosthesis surgery; cutting out the tumour and replacing the cancerous bone with a custom built titanium implant endoskeleton.

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Kanzi is Ian and Hayley’s third precious Rhodesian Ridgeback. Their previous two dogs, brothers Alfie and Bertie, both suffered lameness, and both had surgery at Fitzpatrick’s. After a brave recovery Alfie sadly had to be put down.  Kanzi joined the family as a companion for Bertie, but he too has now died.  Now Ian and Hayley are worried Kanzi will also need surgery to treat her intermittent lameness. Noel diagnoses two separate genetic spinal disc problems, and suggests that a disc replacement and a distraction fusion may be most appropriate. Kanzi is sent home to wait for the implants to be made. But when she’s brought back for the operation both Noel and the family are concerned about putting her through surgery. Together they must decide what the right thing to do is.

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