Mason, Bongo & Lucky

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19th October 2017

Series 10



Gary and Warin bring in their six-year-old Shih Tzu, called Lucky.  She’s been referred to Fitzpatrick’s with severe arthritis in her hip. She’s in so much pain that she is on a diet of painkillers and can barely walk, and Gary has to carry her everywhere.  However, when Professor Noel Fitzpatrick examines Lucky he is worried that her symptoms could signal something more serious than arthritis.  After taking x-ray and CT images Noel’s suspicions are realised.  There are holes in her hip joint that could be an infection, or worse, cancer.  “If it’s a tumour, then Lucky could lose her leg and half her pelvis, or she could lose her life” says Noel…

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Bongo is Sarah and Russell’s much-loved family Labrador who acts like another brother to their sons, Milo and Marley.  But despite only being two years old, Bongo has been affected by osteoarthritis on all four legs. He’s already had operations on his front legs, and this week he’s brought in for the surgeries to fuse the ankles on his hind legs.  As he’s a big dog Noel has created a custom-made metal plate which has been strengthened to try to prevent it breaking. It’s a long road to recovery for Bongo, but Russell and Sarah are determined to do the best for their much-loved family member

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Mason, a four-month-old German Shepherd puppy with severe knee problems lives with Michael and Bridget on a farm north of London where they are surrounded by animals, including pheasants and guinea fowl.  Mason has a genetic disease called Osteochondritis Dissecans, where in some joints the cartilage doesn’t develop normally and the cartilage never turns into bone and eventually wears away leaving a hole. Noel has seen this before in German Shepherds, but when Mason’s results come through they are worse than Noel feared.

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