Two-year-old, 75kg Caucasian Shepherd Dog Odin, has wobblers syndrome – a condition where malformed vertebrae in his neck are squishing on his spinal cord, causing pain and impairing the nerve signals to his back legs so that he is having progressive trouble walking.

The Problem

When this debilitating condition squashes the spinal cord at multiple sites in the neck, it is considered by many to be untreatable. And Noel is presented with a further dilemma in that Odin also has disc issues in his lower back.


Noel proposes a unique solution: custom titanium spacers of his own invention which he and his team have developed over many years and are the only practice in the world offering this option to fuse nearly the entire neck solid with linked spacer units between the vertebrae. Odin’s life hangs in the balance, but if this operation is successful, it could grant him a whole new lease of life.