Mums Karen and Eleanor have returned for a second visit to Noel with their adorable young golden retriever pup, Sasha, referred by their own vet because a deformed front left foot has left her without properly developed toes and her struggles are increasing the more she grows.

The Problem

X-ray imaging already revealed that the deformity is genetic: Sasha was born with a foot deformity such that her metacarpal bones are now digging into her main paw pad.


Noel discusses possible options, including leaving her as she is, which is sadly very uncomfortable for her, a complex surgical procedure whereby he implants an endoprosthesis attached to an exoprosthesis, forming a bionic limb, which is a solution unique to him in the UK.

However, he also offers a less invasive solution in consultation with his prosthetist colleague: a custom-made “don and doff” stump socket prosthesis which can be manually managed day to day. This is a brilliantly-crafted bespoke solution, that, if successful, could give Sasha a good chance of achieving a pain-free functional quality of life.