Pixie, Ellie & Tessa

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28th May 2014

Series 1


Episode 4 is the last visit to the clinic in this series! This episode gives a clear, and at times upsetting, insight into the work of referral veterinary practice. We will meet patients suffering from degenerative disease, major trauma, and most upsetting; end-stage disease – join us in the journey as we hold the hands of owners and help them make the right decisions for their furry family members.


Pixie was referred to the clinic with serious fractures to her pelvis, shearing injuries to both hind limbs and a serious neurological deficit in the nerves supplying one of her hind limbs. Pixie’s story is an example of the highs and lows encountered when managing patients with multiple traumas – what can we do to save this beautiful cat?

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Ellie is a wonderful, much loved Great Dane, who was referred to the clinic because she had developed an acute ataxia, or unsteadiness, in her hind limbs. Ellie was also weak on her front legs and was exhibiting neurological signs that showed the information from her legs about where they were in space, described medically as proprioception, was not getting to her brain. These symptoms are often associated with problems at the base of the neck.

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Tessa 140pxTessa

Tessa was referred to the clinic because she was suffering from a severe forelimb lameness. Radiographs quickly confirmed that Tessa was suffering from a bone tumour located within one of the bones of her forelimb. Tessa’s family are faced with the heart breaking task every pet owner dreads – the time to help their family member in their hour of need.

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