Series 1 – Episode 3

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21st May 2014

Series 1


Episode 3 will see us meeting some beautiful canine and feline patients – we have wobbly dogs, cats with broken bones and dogs with sore necks! An unusual patient also visits the clinic after having a close encounter with an angry horse – tune in to find out more!


Mojo has a serious spinal problem in his neck causing compression of his spinal cord. Because the electrical signals to Mojo’s limb are being affected by the compression of his spinal cord he is becoming unsteady on his feet, he must face surgery to treat his problem or face the reality of paralysis in the future.

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Jasper has a problem with his legs where they are growing in the wrong direction and out of shape. Noel must operate on his rapidly deforming bones soon if there is any chance of correcting the problem. Jasper’s owners are faced with some heart wrenching decisions about his future – but this much loved pup has an amazing thirst for life.

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Lolli, belonging to nine-year-old Lola, is brought in with a seriously injured pelvis. Surgery must be carried out to try to help her walk again – can we save the life of this much loved cat?

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