Series 3 – Episode 4

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2nd April 2015

Series 3


This week on The Supervet, Willow has come in with a life threatening neck fracture, Bengal cat Loki has severe injuries following a car accident and Faberge has a mysterious affliction that needs further investigation.


Engaged couple Micha and Crispin put their lives and finances on hold when their beloved Bengal cat, Loki, is hit by a car. Loki’s pelvis is badly crushed and the resulting nerve-damage means he may never walk again.

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And an exhausted Noel is pushed to the limit when an emergency case is rushed in late at night. Willow the rescue deerhound has broken her neck. The break is so serious that nobody at the practice but Noel can deal with it, and only a handful of surgeons in the world would even attempt this surgery…

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Faberge, an elderly Chinese Crested Dog is brought in for a brain scan as she’s been having some strange seizures. It’s a mysterious case for veterinary neurologist, Clare Rusbridge.

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