Series 3 – Episode 5

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9th April 2015

Series 3


This week on The Supervet, young rabbit Speedy has a broken leg, Snoopy has lost a foot and Winston is paralysed from the waist down…


Naomi brings in a young rabbit called Speedy with a broken leg. Noel can operate but the bone was one of the smallest he has ever operated on. To add to the pressure, rabbits notoriously do not cope well under general anaesthetic, so Naomi returns in the evening with her young sons, who adore Speedy, to say goodbye in case he doesn’t make it.

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10 month old Jack Russell/King Charles Spaniel Snoopy has been run over by a delivery van and his foot is  hanging by a thread. Snoopy’s foot is unsalvageable – but Noel thinks he may be able to give Snoopy a working leg back, by fitting a custom-made prosthetic foot attached to his skeleton inside the skin. It will be a far from straight forward procedure though, and the level of trauma and infection caused by the accident means Noel is unsure if Snoopy’s leg will recover.

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Nine month-old English Bulldog Winston is brought in as an emergency case.  He is paralysed from the waist down and owners Liz and Mike don’t know what is wrong with him. Scans and other tests reveal that the future for Winston is uncertain. Liz and Mike have are faced with the terrible decision of whether or not to try saving him.

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