Barney, Miranda & Billy

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16th February 2016

Series 5


In tonight’s episode, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick meets three more families in need of his specialist skill and experience along with the rest of the Fitzpatrick Referrals team.


People travel from far and wide seeking the help of orthopaedic surgeon Professor Noel Fitzpatrick at Fitzpatrick Referrals. This week sees arrival of Billy the Newfoundland who clocks up nearly 10,000 miles travelling back and forth from his home in Aberdeen for treatment.  Vicky and Stephen have known from day one that something was wrong with Billy’s legs but when scans reveal significant damage in multiple joints, Vicky and Stephen are left with a difficult decision to make.

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Tiny Yorkshire terrier Barney is just ten months old, but he has a deformity in his neck which is compressing his spinal cord, leaving him unable even to stand. For Linda and Barry, Noel is their last chance, but the operation to save Barney involves extremely high-risk surgery demanding pin point accuracy and with no guarantee of success.  The family face an agonising wait for news.

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Noel finds himself managing the needs of both Kelly and her pampered-pooch Chihuahua Miranda, as Kelly decides whether or not to carry on with the surgeries needed to correct Miranda’s slipping knee caps.

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