Olaf, Rhett & Willow

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25th May 2016

Series 6


Another week of heart-warming stories of families in need of specialist care from Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and the Fitzpatrick Referrals team, with Olaf, Rhett and Willow


This week Professor Noel Fitzpatrick pushes the boundaries of his lifesaving medicine on a 10 month old golden retriever. Olaf helps five-year-old Alice by reducing her anxiety which predisposes her epilepsy, but lameness has made him unable to complete his necessary training for epilepsy detection. As well as needing traditional orthopaedic surgery, Noel uses ground-breaking cell treatment – extracting stem cells from Olaf’s bone marrow then re-injecting them into the joint to help repair the damaged joint…


Rhett, a 2 year old Maine Coon cat has come to see Professor Noel Fitzpatrick following a suspected rat bite. A course of antibiotics from his local vet hasn’t worked and the lump is getting bigger. Noel and his team have to play detective to discover what turns out to be a condition that Noel has never seen before…


4 month old Willow the whippet is rushed to the practice after being hit by a car, leaving her with multiple pelvic fractures. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick has to perform intricate reconstructive surgery with pinpoint accuracy on her young and delicate bones whilst her family, Charlotte and Nick, face an anxious wait…

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