Cookie, Stouffie & Co-pee

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18th May 2016

Series 6


Another week of heart-warming stories of families in need of specialist care from Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and the Fitzpatrick Referrals team, with Co-pee, Cookie and Stouffie


Cookie, an excitable Cocker Spaniel has been partially paralysed on her back legs since birth.  She was rescued by Faye and her daughter Ellie and has been given treatment by the specialist team at Fitzpatrick Referrals before.  Cookie manages to get around, but her feet are prone to infection as she has no feeling in them and they scuff on the floor when she walks. This week she is brought in to see if Professor Noel Fitzpatrick can fix her problem by fitting two bionic back feet.  However when Noel scans Cookie further serious complications are revealed. Noel takes on a series of challenging surgeries in the hope of achieving a pain free life for Cookie…


Paul lives alone with Stouffie, his eight-year old Main coon Cat. Two weeks ago, Paul noticed Stouffie limping and within a week he had started to drag his leg. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick launches a series of investigations into what is causing the problem. The results reveal a serious problem, and Paul faces a difficult decision…


Cheeky Westie puppy Co-Pee comes to see Professor Noel Fitzpatrick after having an accident at home. He has fractured his knee, but the surgery is tricky as Co-Pee is only 5 months old and hasn’t finished growing. Pauline has lost two other Westies before so she is determined to give him the best chance of healing, which involves keeping Co-Pee calm and preventing him from running about, but with a young Westie pup that’s easier said than done.  Both Pauline and the staff at Fitzpatrick’s have their work cut out!

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