Rex, Amie & Piggy

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16th November 2016

Series 7


Channel 4 returns to veterinary hospital Fitzpatrick Referrals, for another extraordinary four-part series of the highly acclaimed Supervet, following renowned surgeon and ‘Bionic Vet’, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team of over 250 surgeons, nurses, ward attendants, hydro-therapists and physiotherapists as they help some of the nation’s hardest-to-cure pets with innovative treatment and operations


Altynay and her 11-year-old daughter, Nicole, bring in their four and a half month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy Rex with a badly deformed elbow from birth. Noel carries out a complicated procedure to realign the bones in his elbow to get him out of pain and improve his ability to walk. However, it’s a complex task and the road to recovery is long. Altynay and Nicole are faced with being parted from their new family member for longer than they had hoped…


Amie, a one-year-old stray cat, was found by Barbara with a badly fractured leg. Due to the lack of blood supply in Amie’s paw after surgery, Noel has to pull out all the stops to save her leg, including combining cutting edge medical techniques with an age old treatment – leeches!


Heather and Amie bring in their 10-year-old Staffie-cross Piggy. Piggy by name, Piggy by nature (she just loves her treats), she’s had a history of lameness in her back legs plus a suspected spinal problem. After three years of pain management, Heather and Amie want to see if there is anything that Noel can do for her.  When the scans reveal further complications, the family face a very difficult decision…

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