Buzzard, Charlie & Baros

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23rd November 2016

Series 7


Channel 4 returns to veterinary hospital Fitzpatrick Referrals, for another extraordinary four-part series of the highly acclaimed Supervet, following renowned surgeon and ‘Bionic Vet’, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team of over 250 surgeons, nurses, ward attendants, hydro-therapists and physiotherapists as they help some of the nation’s hardest-to-cure pets with innovative treatment and operations


In tonight’s episode a wild buzzard with a broken wing throws up new challenges for Professor Noel Fitzpatrick. The delicate hollow bones in the bird’s wing make fixing it with a conventional splint far from straightforward. It leaves Noel with limited options, as he strives to save the bird’s life – and give him back his freedom.


Rose’s pampered Maine Coon Baros is used to enjoying the finer things in a cat’s life. And when Noel diagnoses slipping knee caps, Rose naturally wants the best for him.  But when Baros is admitted for surgery Rose finds parting with her beloved pet harder than she imagined.


Vicky and Brian bring in their beloved Labrador, Charlie with badly damaged elbow joints. Noel has to perform invasive surgery but weeks after his first operation Charlie is rushed in with a complication that comes as a devastating blow.

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