Marley, Kaspar & Rex

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18th May 2017

Series 9


Spring ushers in a powerful new season of The Supervet, the hugely popular series in which the brilliant and empathetic ‘bionic vet’, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team provide cutting-edge care and compassionate support for both animals and their human families

The new season sees Noel and his team facing some of their most emotional and technically challenging cases to date.


Pug-mad Mother and daughter Deborah and Rebecca bring in their beloved 8-year old pug, Marley. Marley has been suffering from medical issues throughout his life and now severe pain in his elbow is making it difficult for him to walk. Deborah and Rebecca want to avoid amputation but it’s a big decision to go ahead with the surgery they hope will save his leg.


Expats Dave and Sue arrive in their campervan after a 500-mile trip from France with their 3 year-old Border Collie, Kaspar. Since puppyhood, Kaspar has been showing signs of pain in his back legs but no one has been able to pinpoint the problem until now.

Rex (the Ninja Bolt)

Named for his speed, agility and his young owner’s love for dinosaurs, Rex ‘the Ninja Bolt’ a 6 month-old Egyptian Mau Cat is rushed into Fitzpatrick’s after falling from a second story balcony and fracturing his knee. Noel goes ahead with surgery on the complex fracture, but if there are any complications the kitten may face amputation.

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