The Supervet at Christmas – 2015: Adam, Harvey & Peggy

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22nd December 2015



The staff are always full of festive cheer at Christmas. But for Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, it’s busier than ever, with Adam the Alaskan Malamute who needs life changing knee replacement surgery, Harvey who has a severely fractured Jaw and puppy Peggy who has a deformed foot.

Noel also gets a surprise visitor from back home in Ireland, his mum Rita Fitzpatrick.


Adam, a sleigh pulling Alaskan Malamute needs both knees replacing with implants. But as he is recovering from his first operation, Adam’s other knee begins to fail, and owners Colin and Andrea are forced to make a difficult decision: wait for the first knee to recover fully and risk losing everything if Adam’s second knee fails, or go ahead and let Noel operate on Adam’s second knee within two weeks of having the first one done, knowing that the two-year old Malamute may not recover from having two knee replacements in quick succession.

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Harvey, a much loved springer spaniel, is rushed in with a shattered jaw. Noel and Surgical Resident Dr. Padraig Egan decide to try something neither of them have attempted before in an effort to save Harvey’s jaw and get him home in time for Christmas.

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Noel has a serious case of puppy love when he meets a 6 week old miniature dachund puppy with a deformed foot. Peggy needs intensive physiotherapy and officially becomes the smallest dog ever to use Fitzpatrick’s hydrotherapy tank

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