Ice, Jin Jin & Ted

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16th December 2015

Series 4


This week Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team are pushed to the boundaries of life saving veterinary medicine when three challenging cases come in. The quality of life hangs in the balance for  Ice, Ted and Jin Jin – who all live with  families who would do anything for them.


Katie brings in her pure white Alsatian puppy, Ice.  He needs traditional surgery on his hips and front leg, but Professor Noel hopes that a new kind of biological treatment will help repair his elbow.  Noel uses  ground breaking cell  treatment –  extracting and growing cartilage cells in the laboratory then re-injecting them  to repair the damaged joint.

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Jin Jin

Jin Jin, a young Chihuahua, is a little dog with a big attitude. Fiercly protective of owner Callie, anyone else who comes near him gets short shrift – including Noel! Jin Jin has a deformity in his neck which is compressing his spinal cord; it’s a ticking time-bomb, one knock could cause paralysis . Noel has to perform delicate surgery with pinpoint accuracy on his tiny bones where one false move could be fatal.

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Pensioners Jean and John bring in their rescue dog, Ted, who they have owned for just 10 weeks but whom is already dearly loved. Ted has deformed front legs and needs intricate surgery on both to fix him along with extensive hydrotherapy – no small thing for a dog who is scared of wet grass!

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