Series 1 – Episode 2

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14th May 2014

Series 1


Noel operates on a five-month-old rabbit called Rufus with a badly broken hind leg.

He diagnoses that a much-loved cocker spaniel called Dixie needs major spinal surgery. And when young couple David and Khaya bring in Daphne, a three-legged dog they adopted from Thailand, after she had been attacked with a machete, Noel realises he must come up with a radical solution for the dog’s remaining front paw, which is injured. Noel gains inspiration from X-Men’s Wolverine for a daring solution.


When Rufus’s owners discovered he had broken his leg they were unsure could this beautiful rabbit, and integral member of the family, be saved! Rabbit’s pose some very unique problems in comparison to cats and dogs when it comes to anaesthesia and surgery – can the team save the life of this Rabbit?

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Daphne was brought to the clinic by her dedicated owners Khaya and David! They rescued Daphne from a life of abuse in Thailand. Daphne had been attached with a machete and the resulting injuries were horrific – she had lost one of her front legs and had a badly damaged foot on her remaining forelimb. Can anything be done to save her?

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After an MRI of her spine Dixie is diagnosed with a compression of her spinal cord. The compression is in a precarious position in Dixie’s spinal column – can surgery save her?

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Tyson was referred to the clinic because he had an issue with his kneecap that was causing him to be lame. Patella luxation, more commonly described as a dislocating kneecap, is a relatively common condition in small breed dogs but in Tyson’s case the case is quite unusual!

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