Series 1 – Episode 1

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7th May 2014

Series 1


The series kicks off with some familiar faces as we meet Oscar the cat who is back at the clinic for some new foot wear. We also meet Bacus whose rehabilitation is accelerated using an unusual tool – a pair of tights! Tiger is brought back from the brink of death after suffering a cardiac arrest post-surgery and there are some heart-wrenching decisions to be made with Scooby and his family as we discover he is suffering from a potentially life-threatening bone tumour.


Cats have nine lives so they say, but few felines can have had a luckier escape from the jaws of death than Oscar, whose rear paws were chopped off by a combine harvester while he was basking in the sunshine, only to have them replaced through a bioengineering miracle in 2009.

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Bacus is a beautiful French Bulldog – he may be small but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in personality and he certainly has a big personality! It was clear that Bacus was in significant pain when he visited the clinic; he was limping heavily on his right front leg and was really struggling to move around.

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Otis, a beautiful Lurcher was found in the snow earlier last year, collapsed and heavily bleeding. Luckily a Good Samaritan found him and rushed him to the vets where he was treated for hypothermia and given emergency first aid.

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As soon as Scooby walked through the consult door it was clear to Noel that there was something seriously wrong with this bouncy waggy tailed Labrador. Scooby had severe right forelimb lameness and it was incridibly painful when the bone of his upper forelimb was gently compressed.

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