Series 2 – Episode 3

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29th October 2014

Series 2


We are halfway through the second series of the Supervet and the story continues dramatically with Episode 3. This week brings us two emergency cases, Lara, a cat who needs Noel to perform complicated reconstructive surgery and Chief, whose owner cannot afford to pay for the operation he needs to fix his dislocated hip.

We also meet Bertie, a beloved member of the Fitzpatrick family who belongs to Noel’s collegue Susan, and a tough decision must be made. Black lab Wilson is brought to Fitzpatrick’s due to his persistent lameness which is identified as a sports injury.

Lara circleLara

Loved family member Lara is brough to Fitzpatrick Referrals by eight year old Ellis and his family. After being missing for 12 days, Lara had jumped into a removal van, escaped only to be hit by a car and then attacked by a fox. Her rear leg is shattered and Noel must perform reconstructive surgery so Ellis can have his best friend back.

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Chief circleChief

Seven year old Northern Inuit Chief has dislocated his hip while chasing a fox, and dog sitters Pearl and Emma have brought Chief to see Noel. He needs a hip replacement, so Noel needs the permission from the owner to go ahead. Owner Nigel call Pearl to say he cannot afford the surgery and asks Noel to put him to sleep. Noel is reluctant, but ultimately the decision lies in the hands of Nigel.

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Bertie circleBertie

12 year old Bertie, a Spaniel, belongs to Noel’s colleague Susan and is a much loved member of the Fitzpatrick family. He has gone lame and Susan wants Noel to fix his reuptured ligaments. When Noel investigates it is apparent Bertie has terrible arthritis which has dislocated his knee caps. On top of this, there is a spinal problem. Susan has to decide whether or not to let her old and beloved dog go through with a procudure which may or may not work.

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Wilson circleWilson

Wilson is a four year old black lab owned by personal trainer Adam. He has been referred to Fitzpatrick’s for his persistent lameness which Specialist Mike Farrell diagnoses as a sports injury. While Wilson is treated with the latest high tech treatment (shockwave therapy), trainer Adam gives receptionist Karen a personal training session!

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