Series 2 – Episode 4

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5th November 2014

Series 2


The final episode delivers an emotional finale including the story of Ira, the beloved companion to Joye, French Bulldog Tom who has a whole list of complaints, all intensified by stress, and cat Marley who may need a leg amputation. It is up to the Supervet Team to solve the issues and give the families their much loved family members back.

Ira CircleIra

One year old Labrador Ira is brought to Fitzpatrick Referrals by Joye, who noticed that Ira was dragging his feet when out on a walk. What was thought a small problem becomes a bigger one, as Noel reveals that Ira has a genetic spinal problem which means he is in constant pain. Noel has to find a way to restore Ira and get him back to Joye.

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Tom CircleTom

Eight year old French Bulldog Tom is brought in by anxious owner Rob. Tom has a whole list of chronic ailments, all intensified by stress. Noel have to operate to save Tom’s life and have to do so while managing his stress levels that could halt his recovery.

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Marley circleMarley

Three year old Marley has a damaged leg that may need to be amputated, repairing the leg with no guarantees of success will be so complex that Noel has to decide whether surgical resident Miguel is ready for the challenge, while the owners Matt and Rebecca have to delay moving house in order to save him.

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