Series 3 – Episode 2

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12th March 2015

Series 3


Tonight on The Supervet, Stampy the Cavashon has been hit by a car, Dylan has a limp that his local vet is concerned is a life threatening bone tumour, and Dachsund Lilly-Belle  has lost the use of her back legs.


Stampy the Cavashon has been hit by a car, and is brought in to Fitzpatrick Referrals by Jim, a farmer, and his six year-old daughter Jess. Stampy is in a critical condition. He has been paralysed from the waist down. Noel can operate but the chances of Stampy ever walking again are slim, leaving Jim and his wife Karen with a difficult dilemma of whether to take the chance and put him through surgery, or just to let him go….

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A distressed Ginny from Chelsea arrives at Fitzpatrick’s with her beloved and doted upon miniature dachsund, Lilly-Belle, who has lost the use of her back legs.  Lilly-Belle is no ordinary dog- she’s not only a best friend to Ginny, but a ‘life enhancer’ to all who meet her, with her own Facebook page. With no insurance and her family abroad, Ginny has to face a difficult financial decision; to proceed with the expensive treatment for her pet, or keep the money put aside for a special fund…

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Stuart and his wife noticed their beloved Golden Retriever, Dylan has a limp.  His local vet was very concerned and suspected a possibly  life threatening bone tumour. Hearing about Noel and his pioneering work with endo-prosthetics and metal bone implants, Stuart drives for seven hours from Preston to seek Noel’s help and advice, only to find all is not what it seems…

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