Series 3 – Episode 1

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5th March 2015

Series 3


German shepherd Otto has a life-threatening tumour. Pomeranian puppy Gucci has broken her paw. And Rottweiler Elvis is having trouble walking.


Firefighter Kevin and his fiancé Natalie’s world collapses when they discover their beloved 6-year-old German Shepherd, Otto, has a life threatening tumour. In desperation they turn to Noel in the hope that he can find a way to prolong Otto’s life with a bionic implant. Natalie and Kevin will do anything they can to give Otto the chance of surviving till their wedding day.

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Tiny 7 week old Gucci is a Pomeranian puppy brought in by Amber and her 2 children. Having only had Gucci for 48 hours she had jumped a little too enthusiastically and broken her paw.

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Elvis, a Rottweiler puppy, is brought in by Jane and Simon when they notice he has trouble walking. Noel thinks there’s something wrong with his spine, which could be due to the abuse he suffered before he was rescued. Surgery would be a major risk and Elvis has a slim chance of survival, but after such a terrible start to life, Jane and Simon are determined to give him hope for a brighter future.

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