Series 3 – Episode 6

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16th April 2015

Series 3


This week on The Supervet, Bulldog Dolly has a number of painful problems that all need addressing, Police dog Anya must get better if she is to carry on working and Lola has a mysterious problem no one can put their finger on…


English Bulldog Dolly is suffering in a major way. Linzi and her daughter adopted her from a charity nine weeks previously and they’re already besotted- she had been caged, used to breed from, starved and then tied to a bench. They knew Dolly had issues from the start as “she walks like a duck” but things go from bad to worse for poor Dolly as it turns out that all four legs are damaged, and a cancerous lump is discovered on top of all this. Linzi is torn between concern about the amount of surgery Dolly will need, and her desperation to give Dolly every chance possible for a happy future, after her tough first years…

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This week a police officer comes to Noel as a last hope for her work partner- a four year-old German Shepherd police dog called Anya. The pair have been a team for two years, fighting crime, and protecting each other along the way. Anya is not only a working dog, but lives at home with her handler and they share a close and formidable bond. However, the partnership is threatened by a burst disc in Anya’s spine causing her agony, and making her unable to work…

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Nine year-old Lola is an ex-race dog who was adopted from the Retired Greyhound Trust by couple Geoffrey and Dolores. She has had problems with her feet for some time and they’ve tried everything they can but can’t find what’s wrong, so turn to Noel for help. Expecting the state of the art diagnostic tools that Noel is renowned for, much to their surprise, the answer is in fact found with the help of something a little quirkier!

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