Series 3 – Episode 7

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23rd April 2015

Series 3


This week on The Supervet, we meet Cyrus, a rare breed of dog with multiple issues, Bella a small Maltese cross with a life threatening neurological condition, Ghost who may have a bone defect and Newfoundland Bucklersbury Bear who inspires all who meet him as he lives his life on three legs…


Cyrus is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, a rare and intelligent breed. He has a hereditary problem with his knees that creates holes in the cartilage and rupture of the cruciate ligaments. Cyrus and his brother Brus have meant the world to owners Amin and Minoo, keeping Minoo company during her lonely first few years in the UK. But the situation is far worse than originally thought. Cyrus has problems with his front legs too, meaning they face a difficult decision…

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Diane and her son Rhys bring in their 5 year old Maltese Terrier cross Bichon Frise, Bella, who is in great distress- unable to stand on her feet and hyperventilating. Head of Neurology at the practice, Clare Rusbridge, believes Bella has a serious brain disease, and only has days to live. But such is Bella’s fragile condition, that the normally safe procedure to diagnose her could be fatal, and there’s no guarantee treatment will cure her. Diane is unsure of which way to turn…

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Ghost is a seven month-old striking Husky cross German Shepherd, who lives with Hannah and Rich. Ghost was a surprise present; Rich had gone out to sell a bike and returned home with a little puppy! Ghost is lame, and just isn’t the puppy he used to be. Noel’s news that he could need serious surgery comes as a shock to Hannah and Rich…

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Bucklersbury Bear

After a diagnosis of Osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) three-legged Newfoundland Bucklersbury-Bear has found a whole new lease of life in the water, swimming wherever and whenever he can. He’s inspiring to all those who meet him, not least his family, who’ve adapted their lives for him and his passion for the water!

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