Summer Special – Supervet in the Field – Episode 1

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12th August 2015



Professor Noel Fitzpatrick leads the world when it comes to cutting-edge veterinary surgery but twice a year he leaves his surgery to stage festivals for like-minded dog lovers.

This week over 10,000 owners and their dogs join him at Loseley Park, Surrey, for one of the biggest events of the doggie calendar. Not only is there all manner of eccentric festival madness from speed puppy training to a ‘Guess the Weight of your Dog’ stall but Noel is also reunited with some of his most challenging cases of the past year.

We follow two new Supervet stories from diagnosis, through surgery and recovery before they make an appearance at the festival.

Noel will also meet some incredible people whose lives have been deeply affected by their relationship with their dogs, including a brave young lady whose difficult rehabilitation from serious injury was greatly helped by her friendship with a therapy Golden Retriever.

Each festival ends with a massive dog walk where Noel leads thousands of owners in a display of unity and shared love with their pets.



Sox is a massive Great Dane with a serious spinal problem. His life hangs in the balance unless Noel can come up with a solution for him and his loving family…

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Four month old Labrador Obi needs shoulder surgery to enable him to continue to be a companion and support to his young friend and family member 6-year-old Luke – who suffers with Asperger’s Syndrome…

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