Hetty, Louis & Bliss

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6th April 2016

Series 6


In the third instalment of The Supervet for the sixth series, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick meets two dogs who need him to find a way to restore them. Hetty is not just your average family pet, she is a service dog that plays a vital role in Toni’s life. Louis has a life threatening tumour on his leg that needs handling immediately or he will lose not only his leg, but his life.

Dr Clare Rusbridge is also called upon to treat Fitzpatrick Receptionist of 9 years Natalie, whose Tibeten Terrier Bliss is displaying signs of a rare disease.


Hetty the Labrador is unique.  She is believed to be the first dog to have been trained both as a guide dog for the blind and a seizure alert dog. Not only does she help Toni, a mother-of-two who is blind, live an active life, but she also warns Toni if she is about to have an epileptic fit.  However, Hetty has become lame on both her front legs, and has been referred to Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.   Invasive surgery could mean Hetty will be out of action for as long as four months, a terrifying thought for Toni, who will be without her lifeline. The pressure is on for Noel to get Hetty back to full working health as soon as possible…

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Ella and Rob took Louis, their seven-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback to the vet after they thought he had fractured his leg, but were shocked to learn that he had a cancerous tumour which was spreading fast; so fast that they thought he would not last the weekend.   Louis’ condition is especially poignant for Ella who herself has suffered with a brain tumour and as a result lost sight in one eye. The couple bring Louis to Noel to see if surgery can save his leg, and prolong his life…

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Fitzpatrick Referrals receptionist Natalie finds herself on the other side of the counter when she fears her Tibetan Terrier Bliss is suffering a rare neurological condition after she developed worrying symptoms and a lack of energy.   Natalie books in to see Chief of Neurology, Dr Clare Rusbridge, who recommends Bliss take a test for the disease.  Natalie has an anxious two weeks waiting for the results…

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